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Wii U Launch Date is Today!

Well, Wii U’s have launched as of midnight today. I just got my e-mail notice from Walmart that my pre-order will be coming in a few days, at which point I’ll give you my take from it (of course the Internet is all abuzz with other people reviewing the system, but of course I’ll be doing it from a workout and exercise perspective).

Here again are links to various online retailers selling it. Most are sold out online, but some stores that have in-store stock such as Target and Walmart are showing the systems in-stock or available for pickup sometime this week.

Best Buy: Wii U Basic – White – Wii U Deluxe – Blackicon

GameStop: Wii U Basic – Whiteicon – Wii U Deluxe – Black

K-Mart: Wii U Deluxe – Black

Walmart: Wii U Basic – White – Wii U Deluxe – Black

Sears: Wii U Deluxe – Black

As I wrote earlier, my prediction is that you won’t see the same craziness we say five years ago with the Wii, that we’ll see more supply before Christmas than we did then, and that a lot of these people snapping up systems thinking they’re going to strike it rich are going to be left trying to get rid of them. So if you find one, grab it, but I wouldn’t necessarily advise buying several thinking you’ll make a fortune. I still have a closet full of Zhu Zhu pets that were supposed to make me rich 😛
UPDATE: I’m noticing right away that the white (Basic) set is readily available at a lot of retailers (there were a bunch in stock at a local Toys R Us and Walmart when I was there today). While everyone is clamoring for the black (Deluxe) model, the basic model essentially does everything the Deluxe model does, just with less memory and without the NintendoLand game included.

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